Teenagers or young people

“There are margins, usually those who come to consult are young adults, over 44 years old and older adults; a teenager is not that he does not consult, but perhaps goes unnoticed, “said the doctor, adding that” among the most common causes in older adults is usually depression or some kind of benign gastric making signs . Teenagers or young people are usually sexually transmitted infections or HIV. Healthy Life Garcinia

In the rest of the population can also occur by disorders such as hyperthyroidism, drug addiction, malnutrition, smoking or eating problems such as anorexia and bulimia, which is diagnosed after studying the clinical history and symptoms of the patient.The specialist said that anyone can suffer weight loss, but it is after 40 years when it occurs more frequently.

“Cancer, regardless of the type, by itself will generate involuntary weight loss. It is not that the person is asking to lose weight Healthy Life Garcinia, but that the same disease is the one that is producing it. Sometimes it ends up being a gastric, liver or pancreatic cancer, “explained Roman.

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